The Intellectual Property Law promulgated on 14 January 2008 defines trademarks as any sign which may be picture, word, letter, numeral, signature, person’s name, color, shape or configuration of an object or combination thereof for use with the goods and services to distinguish one’s goods and service from others’.

Trademarks are registered with the Department of Intellectual Property, Standardization and Metrology (DISM) under the National Authority of Science & Technology (NAST). Laos is a member of the Paris Convention and priority claim can be made within 6 months from the filing date of the first application in another convention country.

A trademark registration becomes effective on the date of issuance. The term of protection is 10 years computed from the filing date and it can be renewed indefinitely for further 10-year periods. The Law also provides for the protection of patents, pretty patents and industrial designs. Applications for patents for inventions/ pretty patents and registrations of industrial designs can be be filed with DISM. Laos is a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty since 2006.

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